SEO Content Editor


How To Use:

SEO Title

Write your post title here. You have to give the title you want to write in the SEO Title Option. If the title is too long, the Title Check will turn red. It will probably turn red if it is less than the required length in your title. If you give your title the right length it will turn green on the right side.

SEO Content

In this Option you have to copy the content once you have already created and paste it in the SEO Content Option. Or you can write your Own content here. You can know that how many times you are using SEO Keyword in the content you are creating or writing. And Also can know that how many times to use it in the content. If Right Shows As "Displays Nothing To Report" Means Your Not Used Keywords in Content. Also you can know its Density according to the Keywords you use. Once you have copied and pasted the content, you need to specify your SEO Keyword in the Focus Keyword Option below.

SEO Meta Description

Here you have to give the Search Description you want to write for your blogger. The description given here is given on the right side of the Post Edit Option in Blogger. If the Search Description are too high, the Description Check on the right will turn red. Will probably turn red even though it doesn't have enough description. The green color will change when you search Description for the appropriate length and size.

Focus Keyword

Specify the SEO Keyword given in the SEO Content above in the Focus Keyword Option. Keyword Check Option will work for you only if you enter Keywords in this Option.

SEO Checks

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